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8 Balls

8 Balls

The last one in the game. Taken from its definitive role, the eight ball shares all the same similarities, yet possesses a distinctive trait. A player who pockets the eight ball before the other seven automatically loses.

When you are in a game of pool, one is placed in a difficult situation in which one is unlikely to escape. Or in simpler terms, almost immovable. Then the question comes to mind is what if, the necessity to escape from a verity one adopts or even physical existences are bigger than behind the eight ball itself?

The ball’s presence itself is to answer such questions, while also giving its player a chance to play with their condition and reality. A fortune teller some people might say.

8ball, Paradise Youth Club’s 2022 Capsule Collection uses the perspective of what projecting the ball means to its visual virtue. The collection includes signature t-shirts, hoodie, all print shirt, and a tote bag.