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Our latest release is a collaborative project with Alpha Industries. Alpha makes items such as flight jackets and vests, and has made jackets for the military of the United States for over half a century.

This time around, we gave their ever-popular MA-1 flight jacket silhouette 7 unique Paradise Youth Club patch details on the side. With Arthur alexanders Soldier of Love lyrics and a large Soldier of Love logo screen printed on the back. Since its only available in Korea, there will be additional “Korea” tag in navy blue next to the infamous red “Remove Before Flight” tag since the collection is only available in Hide Store – Korea.

The idea came from the Alpha Industries “Urban Heroes” campaign, which sparks the “Soldier of Love” idea. Paradise Youth Club’s vision towards international political, racial, and war issues are brought down in a satirical way that the soldier we need is the Soldier of Love, not those with weapons. A hero is supposed to lead by example, show us that anything is achievable. A hero should bring friendship & peace not death & destruction.